Network Cabling Solutions

At New Horizons Technologies, we take pride in our attention to customer service and innovative solutions. Our technicians equip businesses with network cabling solutions that enhance productivity with up-to-date technologies. We can even design a custom wiring network for scalable solution.

Low Voltage Cabling

Our team specializes in designing, installing, certifying, and maintaining data, voice, paging, CCTV, and audio/video low voltage cabling. Our services also include troubleshooting, capacity planning, documentation services, demolition, emergency response, and design/build turnkey programs, as well as cable plant analysis, paging systems, voice and date riser systems, horizontal and riser maintenance programs, and wireless solutions. In addition, we provide fiber or copper backbones and certified 5e, 6, 6a, 7, 8a, and single multimedia fiberoptic systems. We have worked with clients in diverse industries, and you can trust us to provide trouble-free cabling infrastructures.

Low Voltage Cabling Infrastructure:

Network Copper Cable Design & Installation

  • Inside plant (CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6A, CAT7)
  • Outside plant (CAT6, CAT6A, CAT7)
  • Pathway & supports
  • Testing/ certification per latest standards
  • Documentation
  • Moves, Adds, & Changes
  • Troubleshooting & audits on existing cable infrastructures

Network Fiber Optic Cable Design & Installation

  • Inside plant (Multimode OM3/ OM4 & Single-mode)

  • Outside plant (Multimode & Single-mode)
  • Testing / certification per latest standards

  • Pathway & supports
  • Documentation
  • Moves, Adds, & Changes
  • Troubleshooting & audits on existing cable infrastructures

Paging Cable Design & Installation

  • Single-Zone Systems
  • Multi-Zone Systems

Audio/ Video Cable Design & Installation

  • Sound
  • TVs / Projectors

  • Video Conferencing

  • Digital Signage

Wireless Cable Design & Installation

  • Wireless Access Points

Energy Management Cabling Installation

  • Novar / Honeywell

Hardware Installation

  • MDF / IDF Rack & Equipment Build-outs
  • Point Of Sale
  • Telephones (IP and Analog)

  • Patching
  • Documentation
  • UPS Installation

  • Network Equipment (Terminals, PCs, Printers, Wireless Access Points, etc.)

Access Control Cable Design & Installation

  • IP Based Systems
  • PoE Readers & Controls

  • Control Access To Interior & Exterior Doors, etc.

Video Surveillance Cable Design & Installation

  • Analog Based Security Video Systems
  • IP Based Security Video Systems

Design and Build Services

During the network design phase, you will work in close collaboration with our BICSI registered communications distribution designers. After concept development, our team of technicians installs the system and certifies the cabling according to TIA, EIA, and ANSI standards. A custom low voltage cabling system can include as many applications as needed, and we can also improve or expand on an existing low voltage cabling system in your office building.

Areas of Specialization

With NHT’s expertise, you can run multiple, diverse systems in many applications such as mission-critical and redundant/fault-tolerant systems, high-performance networks, data centers, call centers, manufacturing, commercial office buildings, tenant space, and retail facilities. Our electricians and technicians in our service division respond to service requests anytime, day or night. NHT focuses on providing quality products, rapid response time, and competitive pricing. Contact us to learn more about our low voltage cabling solutions and support.

Skilled Specialists

We specialize in the design, installation, certification and maintenance of network cabling infrastructure systems vital to all facets of business communication. Our full suite of cabling services provides our clients with multiple options for their network-cabling infrastructure today and in the future.


  • Valcom
  • Bogen Communications

  • Corning Optical

  • CommScope

  • Leviton
  • Ortronics

  • ICC
  • Premise Wiring
  • Signamax

BICSI Certified

As a BICSI certified company, NHT remains committed to the top Industry standards and best practices.

Implementing Reliable Infrastructure

New Horizons Technologies is your single source for Electrical and IT services in New England. Whether it’s electrical, network cabling, or even fiber optic – NHT will keep you connected.